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After School Activites

We offer a range of clubs for children, many of these change each term, and are run by school staff and are free of charge. The oldest children in the school also organise and run their own lunchtime clubs for the younger children.

Below is a list of the Clubs that will be run during the academic year. Some of these clubs take part in competitive competitions with other primary schools and events organised by local secondary schools.

Clubs run by staff finish time at 3.15pm apart from dance/football/cricket which finishes at 3.30pm, cooking club at 3.45pm and film club at 4pm. Future Stars Coaching Clubs finish at 3.30pm.

TermActivityDayAdultYear Group
Future Stars Sports ClubThursdayKS1
Future Stars Sports ClubThursdayKS2
FilmFridayMr RiddingtonKS1/KS2
2Cross CountryMonday Mr EnglandKS2
Craft ClubMondayMrs WilsonKS1
Newspaper ClubTuesdayMr WilliamsKS2
DanceTuesdayMr BryantKS2
Future Stars Sports ClubsThursdayFuture StarsKS1/2
FilmFridayMr RiddingtonKS1/KS2
3Cross CountryMondayMr EnglandKS2
FootballTuesdayMr BryantKS2
Cooking ClubWednesdayTBCEYFS/KS1
OcarinaThursdayMrs HalsteadKS1
Future StarsThursdayKS1/2
Film FridayMr RiddingtonKS1/2
4CraftMondayMrs Wilson KS1
FootballTuesdayMr BryantKS1
Cooking ClubWednesdayTBCKS2
Future StarsThursdayKS1/2
FilmFridayMr RiddingtonKS1/2
5DodgeballTuesdayMr EnglandKS1
Cooking ClubWednesdayMrs PorterEYFS/KS1
Future StarsThursdayFuture StarsKS1/KS2
Film ClubFridayMr RiddingtonKS1/KS2
6RoundersMondayMr EnglandKS2
Cricket ClubWednesdayGCBKS2
Cooking ClubWednesdayMrs PorterKS2
Computing ClubThursdayMrs HalsteadKS2
Future StarsThursdayFuture StarsKS1/KS2
Film ClubFridayMr RiddingtonKS1/KS2

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