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School Life

Peer Mediators

We want all our children to enjoy school and to feel safe and happy, and an important part of school is learning to get on with each other. We have trained a group of 23 children as Peer Mediators so that they are skilled in listening and helping others and they can be found on the playground at breaktimes.

Healthy schools

Hawkesbury CE VC Primary School has been awarded Healthy school status. This means our children have active lifestyles, are encouraged to walk to school, participate in active clubs and adventurous activity and make the most of playtimes by exploring the grounds, using the play equipment and having fun together.

We also promote healthy eating, requesting that children bring only healthy snacks of fresh fruit and vegetables or to have the toast and fruit from the school kitchen.

All children have drinks bottles provided by school which should only contain water. Our fantastic school cook, Jane Bleaken, cooks wonderful school meals every day using fresh and locally sourced produce. When available she will use vegetables grown in the school garden.

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