Badminton, Gloucestershire. GL9 1AU

School Dates

Academic Year 2018/2019

There will be 5 training/planning days spread throughout the year (INSET). School will be closed to pupils on these days.

03/09INSET day
04/09INSET day
05/09First day of Term 1
26/10Last day of Term 1
05/11First day of Term 2
21/12Last day of Term 2
07/01First day of Term 3
15/02Last day of Term 3
25/02INSET day
26/02First Day of Term 4
05/04Last Day of Term 4
23/04First day of Term 5
23/05Last day of Term 5
24/05INSET day
03/06First day of Term 6
21/06INSET day
23/07Last Day of Term 6

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