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Other School web sites accumulate a mass of information and helpful resources – we are no different! We would like to offer similar information so, to start, please find below a small selection of school resources which we find useful. In time we hope to expand this page. Feel free to browse, and use, any of the information below. The following links support learning at home.

Please note that Hawkesbury CE VC Primary School is not responsible for the content of any external third party web sites.

Literacy Trust Euro 2012 –  Daily cliff-hanger story: The Great Euro 2012 Swindle

The Great Euro 2012 Swindle is the sequel to Black Op, the first book in Tom Palmer’s new spies and football Squad series. The story will be influenced by the events of Euro 2012, and a new chapter will be written by Tom every evening after the games have been played. Also, every Friday, children will be invited to vote on what will happen next in the story.

Tom has written, and we have published, the first four chapters of the story already. The next chapter will be published at 8am on Monday 18 June. The story will come to an exciting climax on 2 July. Click on the Download link below to read the story.

Schools Pages for ages 4 to 11 – BBC website – A great page of resources for many subjects

KS1 Bitesize – BBC website – Primarily English & Maths

KS2 Bitesize – BBC website – Primarily English, Maths & Science

Kidzone Fun facts – An ‘all-subject’ fun web site

Ask Kids – On-line Search Engine for young people (aged 6 – 12)

Channel 4 Learning – Water is essential for life. In fact, the human body is 70% water. But dirty water can also carry diseases that kill.

ARKive: Images of Life on Earth – ARKive’s many thousands of wildlife videos, images and fact files can be used in a wide range of science, ICT and literacy projects 

Circuit World – Build and test your own electrical circuits with CLEO circuit world. Save or print, use symbol or character modes or ‘reveal’ the real-world  components in your circuit.

The Blobz Guide To Electric Circuits – A great interactive site where you’ll see how circuits work, learn about conductors & insulators, switches, circuit diagrams and symbols


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