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We moved to the area mid-year and were really impressed with how the school team supported our two children to fit in.

Parent of 2 children new to the area


Parent of 2 children new to the area

Lunch staff know the kids so well, my kids are much more adventurous food wise thanks to them

Parent of 2 children


Parent of 2 children

The school’s warm and nurturing atmosphere enables each child to develop confidence in their own individual voice/identity.

Parent of year 2 child


Parent of year 2 child

Sport is very inclusive, all about taking part & enjoying it

parent of 2 children


parent of 2 children

Excellent extra-curricular activities – books at bedtime with your teddy & hot chocolate – brilliant idea!

Parent of 2 children


Parent of 2 children

Links for parents

DfE Performance Tables

Supportive Parents – Information and support to parents/carers of children with Special Educational Needs.

BBC Education – Parents pages, an enormous resource from the BBC.

BBC Revisewise 4-11 – Help your child with KS2 SAT’s practice!

Department for Education – Government Department responsible for Education and children’s services

1 Big Database – Information about a wide range of services for children, young people, their parents and carers, and professionals in Bath & North East Somerset, Bristol and South Gloucestershire.

Leaflet about correct handwriting grip – NHS leaflet which explains the different types of pencil grip to enable children to develop a neat handwriting style.

Local Authority

South Gloucestershire Council – information about schools in South Gloucestershire, admissions, school holiday dates, school uniform clothing grants and much more.

mindyou.org.uk -online children and young people’s mental health and wellbeing hub for South Gloucestershire

Parent View Ofsted Website– The DFE have produced a website for parents to express their opinions on their children’s school.

Links for children

Other School web sites accumulate a mass of information and helpful resources – we are no different! We would like to offer similar information so, to start, please find below a small selection of school resources which we find useful. In time we hope to expand this page. Feel free to browse, and use, any of the information belowThe following links support learning at home.

Please note that Hawkesbury CE VC Primary School is not responsible for the content of any external third party web sites.


Schools Pages for ages 4 to 11 – BBC website – A great page of resources for many subjects

KS1 Bitesize – BBC website – Primarily English & Maths

KS2 Bitesize – BBC website – Primarily English, Maths & Science

Kidzone Fun facts – An ‘all-subject’ fun web site

Ask Kids – On-line Search Engine for young people (aged 6 – 12)

Channel 4 Learning – Water is essential for life. In fact, the human body is 70% water. But dirty water can also carry diseases that kill.

ARKive: Images of Life on Earth – ARKive’s many thousands of wildlife videos, images and fact files can be used in a wide range of science, ICT and literacy projects 

Circuit World – Build and test your own electrical circuits with CLEO circuit world. Save or print, use symbol or character modes or ‘reveal’ the real-world  components in your circuit.

The Blobz Guide To Electric Circuits – A great interactive site where you’ll see how circuits work, learn about conductors & insulators, switches, circuit diagrams and symbols

E safety links

Infant Encyclopaedia


Media Gallery

Kids Click

Yahoo Kids Study Zone

Kid Rex

Ask Kids

Safe Search