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We moved to the area mid-year and were really impressed with how the school team supported our two children to fit in.

Parent of 2 children new to the area


Parent of 2 children new to the area

Lunch staff know the kids so well, my kids are much more adventurous food wise thanks to them

Parent of 2 children


Parent of 2 children

The school’s warm and nurturing atmosphere enables each child to develop confidence in their own individual voice/identity.

Parent of year 2 child


Parent of year 2 child

Sport is very inclusive, all about taking part & enjoying it

parent of 2 children


parent of 2 children

Excellent extra-curricular activities – books at bedtime with your teddy & hot chocolate – brilliant idea!

Parent of 2 children


Parent of 2 children

Our latest inspection took place on 12th and 13th September 2023 and the school was judged to be GOOD in all areas as follows:

Overall effectiveness – GOOD

The quality of education – GOOD

Behaviour and attitudes – GOOD

Personal development – GOOD

Leadership and management – GOOD

Early years provision – GOOD


We are incredibly pleased with the outcome of this inspection which recognises the hard work and determination of our school community in providing an effective education to the children who attend.


Here are some of the highlights of the report:

“The school is inclusive and welcoming.”

“Staff form caring relationships with pupils and know them and their families well.”

“Pupils feel safe and know that adults are there to help them.”

“Pupil are polite and well mannered.”

“Playtimes and lunchtimes are harmonious and enjoyable for all.”

“The school has been relentless in its drive to make the necessary improvements since the last inspection.”

“The curriculum is well designed and ambitious for all pupils.”

“The school ensures that reading is a high priority. Older pupils enjoy reading.”

“Pupils follow the school rules of ‘be ready, be respectful, be safe.”

“The school offers a wide range of opportunities for pupils to develop beyond the academic.”

“Pupils say that everyone is welcome at their school. They recognise that everyone is different and unique.”

“Governors have an accurate understanding of the school’s strengths and areas to develop.”


Next steps:

As part of our ongoing developments to our evolving curriculum, the school was asked to continue identifying the important knowledge pupils need to learn as part of our art curriculum. This work is well underway and had been identified by the school as a priority over the course of this current academic year.


Please click on the link below to access the report in full. If you would like to know more about our OFSTED inspection outcome and report, please contact the school office.

Click here to view the OFSTED report.



Mr M Riches

Executive Headteacher

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