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We moved to the area mid-year and were really impressed with how the school team supported our two children to fit in.

Parent of 2 children new to the area


Parent of 2 children new to the area

Lunch staff know the kids so well, my kids are much more adventurous food wise thanks to them

Parent of 2 children


Parent of 2 children

The school’s warm and nurturing atmosphere enables each child to develop confidence in their own individual voice/identity.

Parent of year 2 child


Parent of year 2 child

Sport is very inclusive, all about taking part & enjoying it

parent of 2 children


parent of 2 children

Excellent extra-curricular activities – books at bedtime with your teddy & hot chocolate – brilliant idea!

Parent of 2 children


Parent of 2 children

Our most recent OFSTED inspection took place in September 2019; the school was judged to ‘Require Improvement’. This judgement was in line with school’s own self-evaluation meaning we had accurately identified the next steps required to ensure the school gets back to being Good as quickly as possible. The inspection was fair and accurate, outlining the strengths of the school and some of our next steps.

The report says that our strengths are as follows:

  • “Pupils enjoy their time at Hawkesbury Primary School.”
  • “Pupils say that bullying is very rare.”
  • “They have a good understanding of different cultures and the religious beliefs that people have.”
  • “In the Reception class, children get off to a flying start.”
  • “The teaching of mathematics has improved over the past year.”
  • “Leaders are swift to identify pupils with special educational needs and/or disabilities (SEND). They put a wide range of support in place for them.”
  • “The arrangements for safeguarding are effective.”
  • “Pupils know how to keep themselves safe, including when they are online.”

It also recognises that we need to improve the following:

  • Governors should ensure that leadership systems are suitably robust and that plans are suitably precise to ensure that the school offers a consistently good quality of education.
  • In reading, leaders need to ensure that teachers’ plans are better matched to the needs of pupils.
  • Leaders must make sure that learning is carefully planned and taught to ensure that pupils are able to know more and remember more.
  • Teachers should consider how visits and events can be used to maximise their impact on pupils’ learning.

Since the OFSTED inspection in 2019, the school has moved forward considerably and this has been recognised through ongoing scrutiny from the Local Authority. In January 2022, officers from the Local Authority carried out an in-depth review of progress, focusing specifically on Governance, reading and the science curriculum. This was an incredibly positive experience and recognised just how far the school has come. All three areas were considered to be strong and effective. We are due to be inspected again by OFSTED at any point in the next few months and we are confident that the school will be graded ‘Good’ in all areas of the inspection framework at that point.

Please contact us if you would like to find out more, or visit our Ofsted page here.

Mike Riches

Executive Headteacher