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We moved to the area mid-year and were really impressed with how the school team supported our two children to fit in.

Parent of 2 children new to the area


Parent of 2 children new to the area

Lunch staff know the kids so well, my kids are much more adventurous food wise thanks to them

Parent of 2 children


Parent of 2 children

The school’s warm and nurturing atmosphere enables each child to develop confidence in their own individual voice/identity.

Parent of year 2 child


Parent of year 2 child

Sport is very inclusive, all about taking part & enjoying it

parent of 2 children


parent of 2 children

Excellent extra-curricular activities – books at bedtime with your teddy & hot chocolate – brilliant idea!

Parent of 2 children


Parent of 2 children

We are very proud of our school and our Christian vision is the basis for the decisions we make. The governors, together with our head teacher, teaching and support staff, all work extremely hard to ensure every child has the help and support they need to reach their full potential.

The Pinnacle Federation Governing Body is made up of a group of highly motivated volunteers who have been elected to provide strategic direction in line with our vision and values. Governors work incredibly hard to support the Executive Head and other staff across the federation and are dedicated to ensuring every child has an inspirational experience and access to fantastic opportunities within a happy and secure environment.  

The Pinnacle Federation Governing Body consists of:

  1. 1 Executive Head teacher
  2. 1 Staff governor
  3. 2 Parent governors
  4. 1 Local Authority governor
  5. 4 Foundation governors
  6. 7 Co-opted governors
  7. Associate Governors


The majority of Governors do not have an educational background, however, they bring experience and expertise from their home and work lives which the school finds invaluable.

  1. Parent Governors are self-nominated and elected by a vote across both schools.  As well as carrying out governor activities they offer a parent perspective in all discussions.  Their term of office is 2 years.
  2. The Local Authority governor is nominated by the the Local Authory to represent them in the governing body. They do not have to work for a local authority but their appointment is always approved by them .  Their term of office is 2 years.
  3. Foundation Governors are appointed by the Dioceses of both Bristol and Gloucester and represent the Church in the governing body.  They are appointed to ensure that Christian ethos is preserved and developed within school and that religious worship reflects the tradition of the Church of England. Their term of office is 4 years.
  4. Co-opted governors are people from the community who, in the opinion of the governing body, have the skills required to contribute to the effective governance and success of the federation. The term of office for each co-opted Governor is 2 years from date of appointment.
  5. Associate Governors are also appointed by the Governing body, and are allowed to attend meetings and sit on Committees.  Their usual term of office is 2 years.


Execution of Responsibilities

The Governing Body elects a Chair and Vice-Chair annually with the term of office being 1 year. Our Full Governing Body is additionally supported by three sub-committees – Resources, Standards and Ethos.



The Resources Committee is responsible for overseeing budgets, finances, staffing, health & safety and matters relating to the premises of each school. This committee completes an annual evaluation – the Schools Financial Value Standard (SFVS) – confirming that all processes and procedures are sound and that the school leadership team and the governing body appropriately ensure financial control and best value in all aspects of each school’s affairs.



The Standards committee is responsible for all matters relating to the delivery of the curriculum, subject leadership, achievement, attainment and behaviour.   It also monitors progress of the School Development plan and the implementation of Pupil Premium and SEND spending to ensure that attainment of disadvantaged or vulnerable children is maximised.



The Ethos committee is responsible for promoting a Christian ethos and British values across both schools.  It monitors the content and impact of RE and Collective Worship to ensure pupils spiritual, moral, social and cultural development is nurtured and that they gain an understanding of the Christian faith in its fullest context. It also promotes the links between the schools, local Churches and the wider community.


We set, agree and oversee budgets, monitor the implementation of changes in law and ensure the national curriculum is being taught such that all pupils have equal access to education.  To do this we meet regularly throughout the year, as a Full Governing Body and in sub-committees (Resources, Standards and Ethos).  We also maintain a close relationship with the Executive Head and staff in order to provide a source of support and challenge.


If you wish to contact a Governor, for any reason, please do so via the school office.

Further information

Governor Information

The Pinnacle Schools Federation Instrument of Government

Record of Attendance at meetings 2021-22

Record of Attendance at meetings 2020-21

Here at the Pinnacle Federation we are lucky enough to have a very dedicated and hardworking team of Governors with a wide and varied skill set. Currently we do not have any vacancies.

There is good training and support for all governors ensuring that all aspects of school governance are covered.

If you are interested in becoming a school governor in the future or would like any further information please do contact either school enquiries@ironactonprimaryschool.co.uk  enquiries@hawkesbury.org.uk or see https://www.sgoss.org.uk/

We would love to hear from you.

The Pinnacle Governing Body usually meets 6 times per year.

Please see the latest minutes from the Governing body meetings.

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